Klara Hajdu Quartet was founded in 2008, the members have been playing together in different formations before and since. Klára Hajdu and József Balázs have been working together more than 5 years, they have similar style and conceptions. Klára wanted to carry out her ideas with her great musicians. Their repertoire includes some special jazz standards, old Hungarian evergreens, Hungarian folk songs, some pop song adaptations and some pieces of their own. They mix mainstream jazz with their own conceptions, so their sounding became unique. This acoustical music promise special musical experience to the audience. The band participates intensively in Hungarian jazz life.
József Balázs one of the most talented pianists of the younger generation of jazz musicians, made his first appearance on his brother Elemer Balazs’s album, My new way. He has played with Erik Truffaz, Stephane Belmondo, Bobby Watson, Robin Eubanks, Charlie Mariano and Steve Houben among others. He won second prize at the Jazz Pianist Competition named after the late Gábor Balogh Füsti and he was judged “best soloist” at the Krakow Jazz Juniors Competition. In 2007 he has won the “Lakatos Ablakos Jazz Performer Bourse”. Since the foundation of the Elemér Balázs Group – besides his brother – he has been the band’s prime mover, as orchestrator just as composer. His own quintet was founded in 2005 with Zoltán Zana, Gábor Czvikovszky, Krisztián Lakatos Pecek and Elemér Balázs. Their first collective album, titled I don’t got you mean released in 2009. Besides his success in the territory of jazz, as orchestrator he also has a very good reputation in other forms of popular music.
Márton Soós was born in Budapest in 1982. He learnt playing the violin during the elementary school in the Járdányi Pál Music School, and changed for bass guitar at the age of 16.  He began playing the double bass one year later. Attila Kiss was his first teacher. In 2000 he was presented the best musician special award on the Youth Jazz Festival organised in the Postás Cultural Centre. In the same year he was admitted to the Jazz Faculty of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, where he could learn from Balázs Berkes. He obtained his diploma in 2004.
He could play with the Balázs Elemér Group in 2003 for the first time as a stand-in musician. Márton became a member of the Group in January 2007. Beside it he currently play in the Oláh Szabolcs Quartet and in the group called Just In Time. He also had the chance to play among others with Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos Jr., Imre Kőszegi, Gábor Juhász, László Dés and Kornél Fekete-Kovács.

Balázs Cseh was born in Budapest in 1974. After Applied Arts School he wanted to study music. He started to study jazz in OSZK Studio, after that he studied at the MZTSZ Musical Studio at Kőbánya. His teacher was Vilmos Jávori. At this time he played his first concert with István Fekete, who taught in this school as well.
He became a member of the István Gyárfás Trio in 2002. They released three albums and they have given many successful concerts in Hungary and abroad too. He contributed to two albums of Joe Fritz Band with trumpet player István Fekete and vibraphonist Tommy Vig. He has played with Béla Szacsi Lakatos Jr., Kálmán Oláh, Csaba Tűzkő, Johny Raducanu, Ladislav Fidri, József Balázs, Agostino Di Giorgio, Tom Young, Dénes Makovics, János Egri, István Regős és Bubby Chen.

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